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Plymouth Bay Lobster Co., LLC.

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In 2012 Matt Nickerson and Todd Jesse started Plymouth Bay Lobster Co., LLC. Both of us lobster out of Plymouth MA. Matt has been lobstering since 1997 on his boat F/V Sea Fever. Todd has been lobstering since 1978 on his boat F/V Voyager.

We are proud to be part of a sustainable fishing industry in Massachusetts that supplies over 15 million pounds of lobster per year. Lobster fishing in Massachusetts is a healthy fishing in MA. The conservation measures of no lobsters smaller than 3.25"; or larger than 5"; cannot be taken. By releasing egg bearing lobsters and V notched (these females are marked with a v-notch in their tail) the fishery is able to be very sustainable.

We are proud supporting members of: Massachusetts Lobstermen's Association, South Shore Lobster Fishermen's Association, Plymouth Lobstermen's Association, Massachusetts Fishing Partnership and Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce and Lobster Institute.

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Todd Jesse - Plymouth Bay Lobster Co

Todd Jesse

F/V Voyager

Louie The Lobster

Plymouth Lobster Crawl

Matt Nickerson

F/V Sea Fever
The Crew

The Crew

Plymouth Bay Lobster Co.